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Interactive art workshops inspired by nature, wildlife, science, and recycling.

“Printmaking with Nature”


Honoring The Lands 
Teaching Artist: Bendy Knees Design Company
Description: Students are invited to create individual pieces out of natural and recycled materials to form a large nest like sculpture. Considering a nest in its simplest form is a structure for shelter, safety, a chosen place that is constructed to support the growth of a family / community, the goal of this piece is to hold space for moments of reflection and acknowledgement of the land’s history and to honor the indigenous peoples that once occupied this area.

Sprig Sprites
Teaching Artist: Jamari Rice
Description: Students will contribute to collaborative sculptures created by bending, twisting, and twirling colorful pipe cleaners into whimsical shapes and inserting them into Styrofoam bases. These structures will be made to resemble life bursting forth from an egg-like base.

Teaching Artist: Jousha Hester
Description: Students will coil-build individual nests from clay. They will be able to include feathers, bits of fabric, foil, and other reclaimed materials such as those a bird might find and include in its nest in between the layers of coil.

Papier Mache Hornets Nest
Teaching Artist: Tonya Wise


“Recycled Robot”