Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson | Booth 334
Helena, AL
IG: cosmicfolklore | FB: @cosmicfolklorestudios

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At ten years old, my father put me to work in his jewelry store, where he trained and worked me as a bench jeweler till I graduated high school.  Resizing rings setting stones, cleaning castings; I never thought of this as creative work, so I left jewelry to study the Fine Arts of painting and printmaking, exploring ideas in nature and abstraction.  Eventually, I brought the ideas that I was exploring back into the world of metals and stones that I had grown up exploring.

All my work is handmade from scratch.  It all starts off as rough rocks and metal grains that I carve, shape, polish, forge, and fabricate into shapes, forms, and compositions that pull from my “place of magic” within my imagination.  I am inspired by nature; stones, plants, and the limitations of the metals.  But, I am just as inspired by the folklores that make up our collective consciousness, the old and new stories of mankind.