Jeff Hughes

Jeff Hughes
Hoover, AL
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Throughout my life, I have had a great appreciation for the arts. I began creating art at a very early age and at the time I only created art to please myself. Several years later, I discovered that my art was pleasing to others. My expressed purpose now is to bring color, light and wonder to those who view my artwork. I offer my creations to the observer as a way to free themselves from the world around us if only for a moment in time.

I was born and raised in Selma, Alabama. After graduating from High School, I attended the University of Alabama majoring in art. I completed my college studies at UAB. After college, I entered the business world and over the years founded two successful businesses. One of which I am currently involved with and the other was sold to a multi-national corporation. I presently am concentrating more on my art career and live in the Bluff Park area of Hoover. I am married with two children of my own and two stepchildren. My wife and I have six wonderful grandchildren.