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Elizabeth Seidel | Booth 433
Birmingham, AL
IG: @stonecrowstudios | FB: Stone Crow Studios

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I am a self taught jewelry artisan that began my career as a painter and teacher.  Many of my inspirations are the same in my jewelry making as they are in my painting.  Color, texture, shape, and the combination of these all play an important role in the design of my jewelry.  I’m always on the search for an unusual stone that inspires me to create a one-of-a- kind necklace or bracelet or a unique pair of earrings. I use a variety of semi-precious stones, glass, leather and a mix of manipulated metals-copper, brass and silver in my jewelry.  I love cutting, hammering and adding a patina to my metal pieces!  My focus is on simple, strong pieces that make an impression.  I am very interested in creating wearable, affordable, unique jewelry that becomes that favorite necklace, earrings or bracelet you never leave home without.