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Elizabeth Barthel | Booth 437
Franklin, TN
IG: @egriffindesigns

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Elizabeth Barthel graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1988. Soon after, she moved to Chicago to continue to explore her love of art. After painting and drawing for several years, Elizabeth found her love of small sculpture. She began experimenting with jewelry designs, and eventually apprenticed for 2 prominent jewelers before going on her own in 1999.

Elizabeth shows her love of color, texture and form through her jewelry designs. Her pieces are sculptural and clean lined. The negative space is equally important as the negative in her peices, especially those inspired by architecture.

Her interest in nature is also seen in pieces such as the river rock series. These rocks were found in the Harpeth River near her home while kayaking with her children. She created a dichotomy between the iron grey stones and the tiny brilliant pave set diamonds she set into the design. Open circular patterns were created in the sterling silver of the band to show the concept water bubbles in the jewelry.

The goal of these one of a kind pieces is that they are wearable and comfortable. Although these designs are small works of art, Barthel is aware of the relations ship between her peices and her clients. She works with them to create peices that are perfect. Whether its a wedding band, engagement ring or a reworked designs with her clients stones, perfection is her top priority.