Clemmons Studio

Erin Clemmons | Booth 304
Hoover, AL
IG: @clemmonsstudio | FB: Erin Clemmons

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Bio: I am Erin Clemmons, local ceramic artist! I received my Bachelor of Arts in ceramics and sculpture from Union University in 2016, and have been working in a home studio since that time. My husband and I, along with our 3 children, moved to Hoover, Alabama about a year ago. I fluctuate between functional work and sculpture work, mostly floating in between. My functional work consists of dinnerware, platters, planters, etc. My sculptural work is mainly figurative.

Artist Statement: The material of clay demands the processes of the earth: water, air, fire. Learning the art of laboring over clay, I have been captivated by the growth found in the earth. Through the work of clay I have found a deeper connection to the earth. It is when we are at peace with the material the earth offers us we learn the art of cultivating the planet where we dwell.

Humans live and move within the deep rhythms of the earth, felt clearly in the basic processes of life. We have distanced ourselves from these elemental processes; we no longer feel the rhythm, and it is my desire to begin to bring us back.

My work is intended to draw the user back to the earth, through clay, but also through the use of plants within my work. I use materials that have been foraged in fields and woods around our small plot of land and imprint them into the clay. These fragile parts of nature are transformed into permanence as the clay is fired.