Canne Holladay
Guntersville, AL
IG:  @CallMeCay-Nee

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Canne Holladay is a ceramic artist, born and raised in Birmingham, AL. She graduated from Auburn University with a BFA in Studio Art. She has worked as an artist assistant at Rat City Studios in Seattle, WA, and as a Work Exchange member at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA. Her work has been exhibited in juried shows across the country.

Canne’s art practice focuses on functionality and conveying a sense of feeling through her ceramic wares. She has been influenced by images of human tissues, leading to a search for pattern and sense of abstraction in consideration of how humans respond to one another, just as the body responds to nourishment and environment. The idea of a cell is influential in her work as a representation of community. A cell can be defined as “any one of the very small parts that together form all living things.” A person is the sum of the many individuals with whom they surround themselves. As the cell breeds life, individuals breed community. Canne hopes that her work can find a home in many small communities, to be part of bringing others closer together over meals and quiet time.