Jane Marshall | 2022 Featured Artist

    Jane Marshall | 2022 Featured Artist
    Painting, Printmaking, Ceramic, Sculpture
    Birmingham, AL

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    “Animals and nature are recurrent themes in my art. Thus my immediate environment provides me a rich inventory of visual information, from bird watching on the back deck where a soaring hawk or blue heron wait to pounce on their prey to the annual cycle of spring greening and fall coloring at our homes in Alabama and Michigan.

    For this exhibition I have included a series of woodcut paintings, woodcut reduction prints and ceramics that embody these sources for inspiration as well as containing messages regarding environmental concerns and my hope for the future.

    Included in this exhibition is a woodcut painting titled “Blood Moon,” that occurred while at our cottage on Lake Michigan where a blood moon rising over the water created an eerie, apocalyptic effect as the moon slowly disappeared above the horizon. To capture this moment I did a series of watercolors of a figure in a boat to symbolize the delicate balance between humans and nature, as well as to capture, to some degree, the visual effect of this natural phenomenon.

    Throughout my life, art has been my focus and anchor, providing me opportunities to observe what, too often, we consider mundane or expected, and translate it into a rich visual vocabulary that continues to inspire me.”


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