2021 Featured Artists – Yvonne Miller & Stefan Hochhuber

Yvonne Miller & Stefan Hochhuber | Booth 303
2D Mixed Media
Bethlehem, GA
IG: @yvonne_miller_art

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We are a husband and wife team that create mixed media works and collages using found vintage books, maps, tickets and old photos gathered from our travels. We move with camper in tow from city to city, setting down along the way in various landscapes around the country from corn fields to steel mill parking lots.

The subjects of our collages can vary from a nest to a classic piece of clothing to whimsical representations and renderings of nature, plant-life, celestial beings, and animals.

The idea for our nest collages, in particular, was sparked when Stefan and I discovered a bird’s nest in our backyard. The resourceful bird weaved in a bit of plastic shopping bag and a little silver sliver of screen door material. The lightbulb went off, just copy what the bird’s do! We collect and collage hand torn and cut papers; vintage sheet music, maps, tickets, books, old letters from traveling, and more.

Our newest series reimagines classic clothing in a large-scale, and made with the intention of visually marking the clothing’s surface with all of the stories and experiences one goes through while wearing that favorite piece of fashion.

We love this nomadic lifestyle of artists arriving in a new city, setting up a tent full of freshly made work, meeting new people, exchanging stories, sharing a laugh or a hug, and seeing fellow artists who are like family on the road. It is truly a gift to be able to make a living selling our art at outdoor art festivals across the United States.

Stop in to our Photo Booth to commemorate your visit in front of “Lieben Nest”, the 16th annual poster’s featured art by Yvonne Miller & Stefan Hochhuber!