Presented by:
Storyteller Overland

Moss Rock Festival strongly believes in the intrinsic value of design for a sustainable and pleasurable quality of life. So much so, that Design is one of the cornerstones of the eco-creative festival. +DESIGN at Moss Rock Festival is a platform for artisans, makers, designers & special exhibitions that show off the world of design and how it supports, guides, complements and surprises everyday life; products, initiatives, vision.

Adventure Van +Design Special Feature 
Spotlighting a custom-designed Mode van by Storyteller Overland.

This local company is leading the way in expertly designed, upfitted, and kitted world class overland and vanlife vehicles. Their specially outfitted Mercedes adventure vans are perfect for exploration, travel, and so much more.

“And we are now fully committed to equipping fellow explorers, adventurers, overlanders, roadtrippers, daydreamers, and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts alike with access to great gear, helpful resources, and a growing community of stellar people to… LIVE FREE. EXPLORE ENDLESSLY. TELL BETTER STORIES.”

Photo: Storyteller Overland

Plus, check out these +Design Exhibitors intermixed with artists at the festival.

Art | +Design Application – ZAPPlication