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Unique outdoor installations and projects by artists, architects, designers, and landscape architects have fascinated visitors with their creativity and innovation as well as their use and design of outdoor spaces.  In the past, the etc.Spaces competition has featured 3 juried categories:

  • Strictly Design: renderings & models
  • Design-Build
  • Sculpture/Installation

This year etc.Spaces adds to the growing list of engaging and innovative design-build projects similar to the 2009 “S-Greening” challenge installation called Sun Layers by Anna Riley below, which was installed in the trees on The Preserve’s Village Green.

2011 etc.Spaces Challenge: “Lighten Up”

According to the USGBC, buildings account for 40% of the United States’ carbon footprint, and electric lighting consumes a significant portion of the energy used to power our buildings. It is clear that we need to pursue energy-efficient lighting alternatives to secure a sustainable future and fortunately the technology is here today. LED bulbs currently available can be five times more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts, and they can last for up to 25,000 hours.

This year Moss Rock Festival would like to educate the public about advances in LED technology. The challenge for 2011 will be to create a light fixture using LEDs and   repurposed/upcycled materials. These fixtures may be an elaborate lighting system or individual lamps and must be comprised primarily of repurposed materials. Each participant will design, build and install these fixtures at the festival to create an illuminated environment for patrons to experience and purchase.

2011 etc.Spaces Participants:

Tim Coughlin

Spain Park High School
Teacher: Laura Daly
Erin Brown
Millie Nicholson
Maggie Ogletree
Katya Plaia

Shades Valley High School
Teacher: Jill Ritchey
Aaron Ash
Antonio Baker
Ty Clark
Da’Jon Coleman
Arturo Cortes
Tredarrius Crawford
Brandon Edwards
Nicholas Fowler
Kristin Gao
Dustin Harvey
Samantha Headley
Datren Holt
Quinton Hopkins
Rossi Humphrey
Ivy Martin
Jordan Martinez
Justin Morgan
Adriana Ortega
Jesse Stewart
Brandon Vintila
Syera Bell
Autumn Biggers
Macy Feenker
Joel Fuller
Sydney Green
Jade Huel
Amber Passmore
Melissa Rodriguez
Ismael Ruiz
Charity Lin Servant

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