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Design touches our lives in so many ways. It gives shape, interest, beauty and function to our surroundings. It’s inherent in the familiar, everyday objects we use. It propels life forward through innovation and creativity. Plus, it’s a key component to the identity we put forth to the world at home, work and play, affecting our relationship with and sustainability of the planet.

Moss Rock Festival strongly believes in the intrinsic value of design for a sustainable and pleasurable quality of life. So much so, that Design is one of the cornerstones of the eco-creative festival. +DESIGN at Moss Rock Festival is fashioned as a platform for designers, architects, artist collectives, and entrepreneurial upstarts to show off their talents, initiatives, and vision.


Alabama Funk #365
Alabama Funk_logo in wood_8x5Alabama Funk is a collaborative of Birmingham artists that seeks to share handmade and visual art through a representation of various mediums. Our pieces are a preservation of Alabama’s heritage and lifestyle, constructed from found material, forgotten treasures and natural elements. Each piece is handcrafted with an emphasis on sharing the story behind who or what inspired them. We’re featuring furniture designs, jewelry, and more at Moss Rock Festival.

Cole-Tyson Land & Garden Design #364
Cole-Tyson Land & Garden Design is a full service Landscape Design/Build firm who is most passionate about designing spaces that encourage people to spend more time outside of their homes and intentionally interacting with nature. Affordability and functionality are the priority values that drive our business. As we like to encourage…Outdoor living is a lifestyle, invest today! The value is in the affordable design process. Begin having fun collaborating with us today by viewing or calling 205.201.1483.

Digs Design#229
Digs-Design_Thonet-ChairBecky Denny and Zade Denny are the owners of Digs Designs. With a background in product development for retail home interior markets, Digs Design repurposes, customizes and handcrafts furniture, lighting, wall decor and home accents. In April of this year, Digs Design was launched on Facebook and brand awareness grew rapidly through social media and word of mouth about their furniture and other design offerings, including curated collections of interesting and odd collectibles like their “instant collection” of 7 vintage globes of all sizes for $300 or medical books paired with antique laboratory beekers. For this event, they will be featuring a variety of Instant Birmingham Collections, lending to the excitement generated by a limited time opportunity to buy from their Moss Rock Festival Pop Up Shop.

Earth Creations #226
Over the years, our mission hasn’t changed. Nature is still our greatest inspiration, and protecting the Earth remains our passion. We strive to create high-quality, eco-friendly clothing in a sustainable manner, and still make it something beautiful that you’ll love to wear day after day. We work to give back to our community in meaningful ways, helping out good causes and supporting environmental efforts.

Here a Chick, There a Chick #437
When Kerry was little she dreamed of being a long haul trucker. Hunting here and there for vintage and antique jewelry, while mothering three young children might not be quite the same thing, but some days it feels like it! At the very least she has learned why the chicken crossed the road- because there is adventure on the other side!

After years of digging in basements, at flea markets and driving back country roads uncovering bargains for her 100 year old Alabama home, she is sharing her passion at Here a Chick There a Chick. Mounds of bright vintage jewelry, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations “Hand Chicked” from bits and pieces, as well as curated items to bring warmth to your homes, from tablecloths and purses, to the well loved and unique that will make you smile.

Little Forest Design #365
Little Forest_Image_Home Page
Inspired by childhood adventures in Southern Appalachia, Little Forest invites you to be transported from the urban mundane to a magical little world of natural beauty, Southern lore, and forgotten places. Our handmade crafts, local art, sustainably constructed furniture, and gifts from the land all tell a story of place and connection. We welcome you to visit our forest, sit for a spell, and listen to the stories of a place we call home.

Over the Mountain Designers LLC #207 & 208
OTM Designs is a residential contracting business, located in Hoover, which specializes in design/build outdoor living spaces. OTM was started in February 2013 by Jimmy Isaminger, with a goal to get people outside in an area they could enjoy. OTM strives to design and build unique outdoor living spaces that are made of natural stone products and/or products that are made of recyclable materials. Our designs are made to blend in with nature while giving the homeowner a comfortable family gathering place outside away from the electronic/data connected world we live in. OTM Designs also has an interiors division for tile and stone work. The past 15 years, Jimmy Isaminger, the owner, has worked in the commercial tile and stone business. With his unique experience working on numerous LEED certified jobs, we are able to offer homeowners ceramic tile products made of recyclable materials and use setting materials with no or very low VOC content.

Palettes by Design #407
Description coming soon!

Sojourns is Alabama’s first wholly fair trade store specializing in hand crafted items such as jewelry, pottery, toys and household items form more than 55 countries. Fair trade is built on the principles of economic justice, cultural sensitivity and environmental sustainability. Providing hope and dignity to artisans around the world.