For the second year, Kelly Housholder, founder of From Scratch Design took the Moss Rock Festival under her creative wings and put together a talented group of local artists to inspire & develop a campaign worthy of the festival and all that it offers the community. Below you’ll find “Behind the Scenes” out-takes and snapshots of the creative team hard at work during brainstorming sessions & photoshoots.

Meet the team:

Moses (aka superhero “Mohawk Man”), model and the coolest 4 year old we know

Kelly Housholder, Creative Director
From Scratch Design, a graphic design collaborative.

Rob Culpepper, Photographer

Cary Norton, Photographer

Drea Zacharenko, Illustrator + Designer + Artist
Drea is also an artist showing at Moss Rock Festival – make sure to check out her booth!

Anna Reynolds, Creative Director
Whitespace Studio

Alana Baldwin, Designer

Morgan Johnston, Stylist


The Campaign:
“Whatever you can dream, begin to do it. Boldness has the power and magic in it.’ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When brainstorming for the campaign, we wanted to focus our work on the idea of ‘re-imagining’ our world. The festival features eco-friendly vendors and artists who are in the business of re-inventing. You’ll find Fiat demonstrating their new Eco:Drive tool which gives you instant feedback on how your driving patterns can change to increase fuel efficiency. You’ll find home-experts demonstrating green-living, farmers teaching people how to save rainwater, and even artists who use re-purposed items. Moss Rock Festival creates a space where innovation meets play, where we learn about protecting the earth while enjoying it. With these thoughts in mind, we centered this year’s campaign around imagination in its purest form – the mind of a child. This child (the coolest four-year old with a Mohawk!) uses and reuses objects around him to re-invent his world. His objects: a cardboard box, a pair of goggles, his bath towel and his mother’s kitchen colander. (see the posters, here)


Kelly & Rob, brainstorming after enjoying a red velvet cupcake from Urban Standard

Drea with a big idea :)

Anna, Alana and Morgan

Rob taking some test shots at The Preserve

Girls vs Boys: Moses carefully choose weapons for each gender for our post-shoot street fight.

More test shots at Rail Road Park. Rob took one for the team and pushed our rocket-sled down the hill about 50 times :)

*Above photos by Cary Norton and Rob Culpepper, except for this last one which comes from Kelly’s phone.

To see the 2010 Campaign, click here.