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Interactive art workshops using the observation of nature as a launching point for creative projects.


Above Image: “Recycled Robot” 


Jonathan Evans // Bottle Cap Boutonnieres
Bottle caps to fancy attire! Children will combine bottle caps with an assortment of other recycled materials, fabric, and natural materials to create a boutineer.

Taylor Hollingsworth // Terra-notta
Come design an imaginary plant! Participants will disassemble or combine recycled materials,  paint them, and plant them in a pot, creating an imagined plant to add to the Moss Rock Greenhouse. Find examples or inspiration in the greenhouse before planting your own imagination.

Celeste Pfau // Moth Monoprint
Come forage natural textures from the Moss Rock Preserve and to create a moth that you will print in a traditional printmaking method. From the combination of handmade stencils, by Celeste Pfau, and your own collection, create two unique, opposing  monoprints. You can leave a print, adding to the growing installation, and take a print home.

Julianna Richey // Chrysalis-ilica!
Mimicking cocoons and chrysalises in nature, find feelings of suspension, transparency, and internally held space. As we explore a structure of arches created from bamboo and willow, the installation will extend from the trees and onto the lawn. The participants’ will create cocoons and chrysalises that can be taken home or left to live in the trees. Participants will be working with a mixture of found plant materials, as well as upcycled household objects.

Cheyanne Smith // Prehistoric Strokes
Kids will experience the earliest forms of art with a simulation of a cave and natural mediums to make cave paintings. Work with a myriad natural materials in this workshop ranging from berries to ink, charcoal, branches, & more to create your own imprint on the cave walls. Come enjoy this natural sensory ode to prehistoric art.

Savannah Smith // Bigger than Breakfast: Eggs
Become a bird of your own design in this interactive workshop and installation. Create your beak, then interact with giant stain-glass inspired eggs that sits in an oversized nest. Be inspired by the steel-sculpted wings, welded by Savannah Smith, where pictures are encouraged and you can strike your best bird pose, featuring your new hand-made beak!

Lauren Strain // Fairy Creature House
Use your imagination to combine nature and architecture. Using natural materials & found objects participants will create homes for faires or other small creatures that roam Moss Rock. From roofs made from leaves to doors made from tree bark it’s sure to be an adventure!

Mary Grace Tracy // Rulers of Recycling
Become a Ruler of Recycling as you re-purpose materials into a crown that proudly displays your creativity and responsibility to recycling. Curate materials from Alabama Environmental Council recyclables, and pair them with findings from the Preserve’s forest floor. Explore combinations of shapes and textures until you create the crown that represents YOU!

Hunter Vroonland // Message in a Bottle
Come make a *clean promise* to sea life endangered by pollution. Create a message to place inside a recycled plastic bottles and add it around the bamboo frame. As the whale grows so will our hope for cleaner ocean waters!

Plus these great partner features:
Alabama Environmental  Council
AEC’s Mission is to Preserve, Protect, and Promote a healthy Alabama for a Sustainable Future.

In this workshop, think about green transportation as you craft a rocket ship out of recycled materials

Alabama Waldorf School
Alabama Waldorf School is committed to providing a rich and balanced educational experience which actively engages the whole child. Waldorf education is grounded in strong academics, enlivened by the arts, and made concrete by practical experience. Our faculty draws on the child’s innate sense of wonder and thirst for meaningful values to nurture a reverence for life and an eagerness to learn. We honor each child’s individuality while building responsible citizenship within a multicultural and developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Our school serves children ages 18 months through the 8th grade. We offer year-round enrollment and are accepting applications. For more information or to schedule a tour (Tuesdays at 9 am) please email or call 205-592-0541.

Hoop For Fitness
Hoop for Fitness brings hoop dance classes to the greater Birmingham area. Find how you learn best from the images below, and we can make hooping a reality in your life. Get fit. Get artistic. Find your flow. Whether you want to learn basic hoop dance moves or need an entire routine for your child’s talent show, Hoop for Fitness can help!

Alabama Multicultural Organization
We are a non-profit named AMOR which stands for Alabama Multicultural Organization. The acronym AMOR means “love” in spanish. Its vision is to engage people in embracing diversity and cultures through our unique ability to see opportunities in communities where we live, learn, and play so that we can have a better understanding of the beauty of life through arts, culture, and education.