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Interactive art workshops using the observation of nature as a launching point for creative projects.


Above Image: “Recycled Robot” 


Savannah Smith // Recycled Music
DIY musical instruments crafted from recycled materials

Becky Delgado // Cardboard Catacombs
creating a make-believe archeological site from recycled materials

Evelyn Wood // The WonderKid Portal
Enter WonderKid studios through an interactive installation; this workshops plays on the theory of dimensions of space. Upon passing through this portal into our artsy realm, there’s no limit to the creative diversity one might encounter.

Mary Grace Tracey // Abstract Nature
large painted wooden sculpture, abstract nature scenes

Hunter Vroonland // Paper Based Puppet Theatre
theatre and puppets made from recycled and recyclable materials

Julianna Richey // Rainbow Wasp Nest
Paper wasps have been fed construction paper to create colorful nests. In this collaborative project, kids will contribute to a large scale sculpture version of a paper wasp nest.

Jonathan Evans // Recycling is Fashionable
making fashion accessories and outfits from reused and donated cloth and other materials

Kenley McCombs // Makebelieve Arboretum
creating a garden from recycled paper products, paint, plastic, and wood inspired by artist Alexander Calder

Rumi Kallenbach // The Color Wave
In an era where plastic waste fills the earth’s oceans, this workshop employs the same waste along with color theory and a wave-like flowing design pattern to create a coral reef entirely of recycled materials.

Alexa Turner // Create your Own Species of Insect
come up with a new species of Insect and fashion them out of fabric, wire, plastic, and other craft materials

Plus these great creative partner features:

Alabama Waldorf School

Alabama Waldorf School is committed to providing a rich and balanced educational experience which actively engages the whole child. Waldorf education is grounded in strong academics, enlivened by the arts, and made concrete by practical experience. Our faculty draws on the child’s innate sense of wonder and thirst for meaningful values to nurture a reverence for life and an eagerness to learn. We honor each child’s individuality while building responsible citizenship within a multicultural and developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Our school serves children ages 18 months through the 8th grade. We offer year-round enrollment and are accepting applications. For more information or to schedule a tour (Tuesdays at 9 am) please email or call 205-592-0541.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Birmingham Botanical Gardens is Alabama’s largest living museum with more than 12,000 different plants in its living collections. The Gardens’ 67.5 acres contains 25+ unique gardens, 30+ works of original outdoor sculpture and miles of serene paths.

Hoop For Fitness
Hoop for Fitness brings hoop dance classes to the greater Birmingham area. Find how you learn best from the images below, and we can make hooping a reality in your life. Get fit. Get artistic. Find your flow. Whether you want to learn basic hoop dance moves or need an entire routine for your child’s talent show, Hoop for Fitness can help!

Space One Eleven
Space One Eleven is a visual arts organization founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 1986. Space One Eleven’s mission is to provide professional opportunities for artists, create a forum for public understanding of contemporary art, and offer arts education to area youth.