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A Classroom Project for Creative Recycling
Find these imaginative projects adjacent to WonderKid Studios on The Village Green. This annual project provides an opportunity for teachers and students from surrounding school systems to work in classrooms on a unique recycling art project as a collaborative group.

whole reef

Inspirational Images pictured below.

2017 Planet Project : “Coral Reefs”
The objective of this year’s Planet Project Sculpture begins with the consideration of Coral Reefs and developing  an understanding of their formation, structure and diversity of species. There are millions of species that call coral reefs home. Students will learn about the intense colors and textures associated with coral reefs. They will also learn about the inhabitants of coral reefs, sea urchins, octopus, squid, other coral reef dwellers and the job that each of these animals carries out for the reef.

Participating Schools:
Shades Mountain
Gwin Elementary Enrichment
Hueytown High School
Brock’s Gap Intermediate School
Deer Valley Elementary
Prince of Peace School
Bluff Park Elementary