Sylacuaga, AL


Tim Spanjer, born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York, became an artist early in his life drawing Disney cartoons and just about everything that interested him. It was freshman year, drawing 101 at Orange County Community College that stirred in him a passion for the arts as a possible career move and not just a hobby. The world became a pallet and just about any form of art interested him.

Tim graduated Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in Graphic Design and Commercial Art in 1998. Since then Tim has dabbled in many forms of artistic expression from painting, to poetry and from theater to television, Tim has written for and performed on off-off Broadway stages throughout Manhattan and traveled coast to coast working as an actor on Daytime Soap Opera’s and Prim-Time episodic. In Tim’s world, there is always more room to evolve in self-expression and creativity. In 2007 Tim married fellow artist and ‘love of his life’ Vaughan Pursell and they moved to Alabama in 2011 to work in the family resort business. Tim took over as Director of Marketing and Creative Manager for Pursell Farms. It has been during these years that Tim found the paints again and started down a new road as a pop artist and Illustrator. He started Art of Spanjer in 2015. For him, the rules that govern popular conventions of art don’t apply. His recent collection of paintings have all been done on 48” x 48” sheets of 1/8” luan over 1” x 3” boxed pine. As for a medium, he uses a variety of paints found in the paint isle of any given Home Depot of Lowe’s store. From contractor’s Acrylics to Latex and from Rust-Oleum to shredded cereal boxes there is no colorful medium that he won’t consider for his next piece.