Tamara Harper

Birmingham, AL


In the words of Tamara Harper:
Every Christmas, as I grew up here in Birmingham, I’d put my mother’s cross stitch ornaments on the tree and hang my grandmother’s needlepoint stockings on the mantle. As a child, I learned cross stitch, and I’ve been experimenting with sewing ever since. Although I majored in music in college and am a music teacher now, whatever stage of life I am in, I always come back to sewing. Only in recent years have I begun exploring embroidery.

Embroidery gives me a chance to work with inexpensive materials, utilize my practice in hand-lettering, and design my own work. I also enjoy creating custom and personalized pieces, too, as I have now come to appreciate that I am simply carrying the torch of traditional fiber art that has been shared in my own family. Even my own kids create embroidery with me. My work is available at Elements shop in Crestwood. This year, my work is featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and Country Living Magazine.