Michael Johnson

Helena, AL

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In the words of Michael Johnson:
At ten years old, my father put me to work helping him in his jewelry store, where I worked till I became a bench jeweler.  Carving castings, setting stones, and resizing rings, I never thought of this work as creative or imaginative.  So, when I graduated high school, I went to college to major in Fine Arts.

Twelve years ago, I melded my old world of metals and gemology with my new world of painting and printmaking, bringing my imagination and creativity to the old skills that my father had taught me.  And, up until last year I ran my own studio and jewelry gallery in conjunction with The Bead Biz, called Cosmic Folklore Studios.

All of my work is handmade from scratch.  It all starts off as rough rocks and metal grains that I carve, shape, polish, forge, and fabricate into shapes, forms, and compositions that pull from my “place of magic” within my imagination.  I am inspired by nature; stones, plants, and the limitations of the metals.  But, I am just as inspired by the folklores that make up our collective consciousness, the old and new stories of mankind.