Kimberly Paige

Birmingham, AL

Instagram: @KPaige_Art

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In my studio, I am on a quest. In pursuit of discovery, I search for new colors, textures, and forms with a watercolor and paper. I aim to freeze a moment of my life at any time. I choose only the moments that feel energizing and abundant, like when I stood on top of the world in the middle of a desert or when I dream about being the best artist I can be. I also try to capture the moment of now. In a studio that becomes silent hours before I notice, I immerse myself in just playing with water and paint. It’s so easy to find inspiration there.

I enjoy moving my whole arm to create loud gestures like splatters that spread on wet paper and stick as dots over dry paper. I also find joy in the moments where I expertly tap in a flow of saturated color into another, watching it spread like vines across the paper. Watercolor’s unique nature feeds my curiosity as I return to the studio everyday to discover a new moment. I aim to be a master of my craft as I recreate favorite marks and shapes.

Through this cycle of discovery and replication, I have created a language of mark-making that is unique to me. I use that language to express a lifestyle of freedom and spontaneity. With organic shapes and free-flowing strokes, I work with my medium to create abstract paintings that express an abundance of energy that overflows from my thoughts and memories.