Joye Hehn

Birmingham, AL


In the words of Joye Hehn:

Our hand-dyeing combines vibrant pigments and artistic composition in an explosion of color and texture on canvases of fine cotton, modal and rayon garments. The result evokes an emotional connection unlike traditional tie dyeing. Soft, feminine lines and flowing colors are our signature look.

Technique: We primarily dye using a technique called Low Immersion. It’s more eco-friendly than traditional tie dye. With Low Immersion, dye is applied, blended, dappled, salted and finessed until a pleasing result is achieved. Small amounts of water are added to give the dye an ebb and flow. The final step is the setting process.

Color:        Heavily influenced by our travels around the world, our color work explores variations found nature, such as the ebb and flow of the tide on the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico; the swaying fields of wildflowers in France; and the moon rising over the mountains of Northern Italy.

Surprises:  We are proudly based in Birmingham, Alabama, where the hot and humid climate enriches the depth of color in our artwork.