Catherine Beaton & Robin Bagwell

Catherine Beaton & Robin Bagwell will be sharing a booth at the
2017 Moss Rock Festival
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Catherine Beaton
Birmingham, AL

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Robin Bagwell
Birmingham, AL

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In the words of Robin Bagwell:
Intuition plays a major part in the work that I create.  Sometimes I paint strictly from imagination, while other times I paint with an image in mind.  I have recently become enthralled with trees and take pictures of them on my frequent walks.  My goal in these painting is to capture the feeling and energy I receive more so than a replica of the animate object.

I never paint on a blank canvas.  I put down an initial layer of color.  I build upon many layers of oil paint, but enjoy allowing the initial layer to have a presence and role in the completed painting, to hint at another existence in space and time.  I am usually working on several paintings at one time to allow for varied drying time.