Brooke Albrecht

Harvest, AL


In the words on Brooke Albrecht:
I want the viewer to see my work and find a connection with it from some long lost childhood moment or their everyday experiences. I want the viewer to feel how soft the fur is, smell the flowers, or remember your grandmother baking. I want you to experience your own joy when you see my work. I hope looking at my work can feel like a warm summer day somewhere that makes you happy. My artwork is personal to me but I want everyone to relate to that happiness I feel while creating it. I don’t believe there always needs to be a bigger meaning to artwork. Sometimes the most beautiful meaning can be found within ourselves.

I was born and raised in rural southern Ohio. Since I could color with crayons I have loved to draw and be creative. Through my childhood I excelled at the arts and in my teenage years it became my passion and I knew I would need to choose a creative career path. When starting college I decided to major in graphic design since there were more career opportunities in that field.

I worked as a graphic designer for several years but was missing my first love, the fine arts. After getting married in 2013, my husband and I suddenly moved to Huntsville, Alabama. I was nervous because I knew very little about the state. I came to realize that the south and especially Huntsville love and cherish the arts. I then saw a new beginning for myself. It was from there I decided to become a full time fine artist and spend my days painting instead of working on a computer.
I discovered my love for oil paint in college, in my senior year. It did things for me I was never able to accomplish with acrylic paint through the years. This was my medium. I loved to paint still life and everyday objects. I have always preferred realism. It provides a greater challenge and I am always able to keep improving.

After creating a collection I started applying for juried shows and festivals. To my surprise I got in! Since then I have participated in over 30 events, shows, and festivals in five states.  I am overjoyed that I made the decision to pursue my first passion.  If I am fortunate I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.