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A Classroom Project for Creative Recycling
Find these imaginative projects adjacent to WonderKid Studios on The Village Green. This annual project provides an opportunity for teachers and students from surrounding school systems to work in classrooms on a unique recycling art project as a collaborative group.


Inspirational Images pictured above.

2013 Planet Project: “Butterflies in the Garden”
The objective of this year’s Planet Project is to consider the “Butterfly” in all of it’s complexity and to develop an understanding about the usefulness of Butterflies in different regions of the world. The Butterfly undergoes a life cycle from an egg, to a larva, (caterpillar) then a pupa, (cocoon) before finally entering the adult stage, the Butterfly. Butterflies are characterized by their bright, colorful wings that vary in size, texture and color, allowing this insect to soar through the air. The Butterfly is also a necessity in the pollination of a large majority of the earths flowers and plant life. This project is to encourage students to explore the beauty of the Butterfly, their life cycle, what they do in nature, and how they differ from each other.

Participating Schools: 

  • Brocks Gap Intermediate,
  • Brookwood Forrest Elementary
  • Crestline Elementary
  • Gwin Elementary
  • Hoover High School
  • Hueytown High School
  • Phillips Academy
  • Simmons Middle School
  • Spain Park High School


Enjoy these images from Past Planet Projects: