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Sustainability, good design, innovation, and “green living” are some of the driving forces behind the Moss Rock Festival.


Eco-Ideas exist throughout the Moss Rock Festival. The Eco District, in particular, is a great marketplace for festival patrons to interface with and learn about new or innovative products, retail businesses, services, and organizations that are changing the ways we view, live and play with, and sustain our planet.

  • Recycle your old electronics with Technical Knockout.
  • Set up a home energy audit to learn details on cost cutting energy solutions.
  • Experience a mobile landscape design studio
  • Learn about the latest fuel efficient cars on the road at MRF’s Eco Drive.
  • Get eco-friendly design advice.
  • Hear about the latest advances in LEED architecture, building science & construction methods.
  • Get started composting.
  • Discover great fair trade buys.
  • Sign up for an outdoor outing.
  • Connect with local organic growers and community gardens.
  • And much more!

There are over 35 organizations and companies committed to promoting eco-friendly practices at MRF’s Eco District. Be an Eco District Exhibitor!

CLICK HERE for more info about how you can promote and brand your business or organization to 15,000 engaged patrons as a Moss Rock Festival’s Eco District exhibitor.

E-cycle your old electronics at Moss Rock Festival. MRF’s recycling partner, Technical Knockout, will be collecting electronics for proper disposal and recycling at the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium (Hoover Met) Sat & Sun from 10am – 3pm. Visit MRF’s recycling page to learn more about acceptable donations, times, and procedures.

Need advice about eco-friendly solutions, products, and innovations? Have questions? ”ASK AN EXPERT” at Moss Rock Festival and get answers to all of your questions. Here are a few exhibitors from previous years: