2018 Special Exhibition – “Moths”

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Here’s a look back at the Moss Rock Festival Moth Special Exhibition this past November 3-4, in case you missed it. Plus if interested, now is your chance to own one of these 30×40 moth paintings by our 2018 Featured Artist, Deborah Davis. Please contact our office at 205-595-6306 or email alex@findartbirmingham.com for more information. ABOUT THE MOTH EXHIBITION: […]

An interview with Deborah Davis, 2018 Featured Artist

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We look forward to featuring Deborah Davis’ beautiful moth paintings at the 13th annual Moss Rock Festival. We are creating a special exhibition featuring her paintings and real moth species from Samford University’s collection. The exhibit promises to be both visual and educational.  Check out our short interview with Deborah as we delve into her […]

2018 Moss Rock Festival Poster Design

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Posters and flyers are making their way to doors, windows, and community boards around town thanks to many great partners including volunteers from Hoover High School, Spain Park High School, Helena High School, Montevallo University, and Birmingham Southern College. Here’s a sneak peek at the 2018 design featuring the artwork of Virginia’s Deborah Davis and […]

#MossRockFest Makes “Best Festivals of North America” List!

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Moss Rock Festival is excited to make FlightNetwork’s wonderful list of the Best Festivals of North America 2018-2019, which covers unique festivals entertaining millions across the United States and Canada! We are in great company, and honored to be spotlighted as a unique Alabama festival to experience. There are so many amazing events to attend […]

2018 Featured Artist – Deborah Davis

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It is our pleasure to announce that Deborah Davis of North Garden, Virginia has been selected as the Featured Artist of the 2018 Moss Rock Festival (MRF). The award winning Fall festival returns to The Preserve in Hoover for its 13th year of Nature, Smart Living, Art + Design this November 3rd & 4th. As the featured […]

An interview with Tracie Noles-Ross, our 2017 Featured Artist

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Want to learn more about the 2017 Featured Artist, Tracie Noles-Ross? We’re asking her about her tools, her symbiotic relationship with nature, and how it has manifested in her artwork. Check out our interview with her below. How has art fostered your relationship with nature, and vice versa? Taking the time to photograph or draw from nature […]

An interview with Designer, Heather Garner

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We hope you have been enjoying the 2017 design campaign created by graphic designer & UAB graduate Heather Garner and showcasing the artwork of Tracie Noles-Ross. It’s beautiful! We love how she worked with the featured art piece and incorporated it into various designs for the campaign. We asked her a few questions about working on this big […]

2017 MRF Featured Art & Poster Design

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The making of the featured artwork by Tracie Noles-Ross for the 2017 Moss Rock Festival Poster. Scroll below for a blown up image of the art and to the bottom for the final poster design! When we met with Tracie Noles-Ross at Birmingham Breadworks earlier this summer to invite her to be Moss Rock Festival’s (MRF) […]

2017 MRF Featured Artist, Tracie Noles-Ross

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It is our pleasure to announce that Tracie Noles-Ross has been selected as the Featured Artist of the 2017 Moss Rock Festival, which is slated for November 4 & 5, 2017 at The Preserve in Hoover. As the 12th eco-creative festival launched its yearly search for a dynamic artist whose work would harmoniously complement MRF’s collaborative synergy between art and […]

Moss Rock Festival 2016 in Picture

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At Moss Rock Festival 2016, Nature, SmartLIVING, Art + Design & much more aligned for an exploratory experience like no other. We kicked off the festival’s 2nd decade at The Preserve in Hoover, Alabama with much anticipation. Thousands of visitors ventured outdoors November 5 & 6 excited to interact with the Fall festival’s unique and engaging programming presented […]

Step into a Tiny Home or two Nov 5-6!

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Design touches our lives in so many ways. It gives shape, interest, beauty and function to our surroundings. It’s inherent in the familiar, everyday objects we use. It propels life forward through innovation and creativity. Plus, it’s a key component to the identity we put forth to the world at home, work and play, affecting […]

2016 Festival Admission Announcement

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Moss Rock Festival is coming up November 5 & 6 at The Preserve in Hoover. You may have noticed in recent ads or on social media that there will be an admission to the Festival this year: $5 Advance online $7 Gate – Adult Pass 10 Gate – Weekend Pass $3 Gate – Senior/Student Kids 15 & under […]